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Dr. Miles Hunter

Medical Student Liaison


Dr. Sarah McPherson

Program Director - FRCPC Program


    Dr. Marc Francis

    Assistant Program Director - FRCPC Program

      Madhavi Talasila

      Program Administrator

      CCFP-EM Program


      Dr. Jason Fedwick

      Program Director - CCFP-EM Program

        Madhavi Talasila

        Program Administrator

        Madhavi Talasila

        Program Administrator


        Tris Surendra


          FRCPC Program – R5


          Sean Fair

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          Sean lives in a world where anything is possible (at least according to his mom). Every successive year in Calgary exceeds his expectations and could he NOT be happier in Calgary! When he's not ferreting out ED procedures off-service, you can find him turning out pizzas, bisques and chateaubriand for his co-residents and making everyone else look decidedly less intense by comparison.
          He's currently in Auckland, NZ working on a flight fellowship and growing his Hobbit feet.


            Chase Krook

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            Chase hails from the sleepy town of Medicine Hat, Alberta where he grew up kicking tumbleweeds, exploring the "coulees," and getting into moderate amounts of small-town trouble. He's left behind his black haired and steel studded metal band alter-ego for a different life in Calgary attempting to rock the world of some of the busiest and best ED's in Canada. He enjoys mountain biking, fly-fishing and hiking in the Rockies with his fiancé Lauren. He's a McDavidSaviour hopeful who has an interest in ED administration and patient advocacy, as well as watching videos of cats acting like dogs. He's stoked to be part of the Calgary team!


              Ion Leah

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              Ion was born in Moldova, grew up in Russia and has a "lovely Scottish accent."

              He enjoys  Nordic and Alpine skiing, fishing, kayaking and loves the Rockies!


                Katie Lin

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                ID: Female raised on Pokemon and instant noodles

                CC: Resident

                PMHx: University of Calgary MD Class of 2014 (aka: Hellbenders)

                HPI: Calgarian girl with a not-so-hidden nerdy streak who spends a gratuitous amount of time on Netflix marathons, video games, and an assortment of random hobbies (including scuba-diving, terrarium building, crocheting Mario characters, flying planes, hyperventilating on mountain bike trails, and happily bailing out on various cross-country ski tracks). Further characterized by interests in medical education, critical care, prehospital medicine, and acute stroke management.

                Settled for medicine when her Hogwarts letter failed to arrive in the mail.  Clearly their loss.


                  Hilary Ambrose

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                  I grew up in Calgary and then went away to complete an Honours Business Administration degree at the Richard Ivey School of Business and medical school at McGill University.  I am thrilled to be back in Calgary.  In my time off I like to ski, mountain bike and travel.  Calgary emerg is the best!

                    FRCPC Program – R4

                    Steven Liu Photo

                    Steven Liu

                    U of C

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                    Born in Northern China, Steven moved to Calgary when he was 14 with his parents. Calgary was such an

                    awesome city that Steven stayed here from high school all the way to med school. Now he is going to

                    spend another amazing five years here for Emergency Medicine training! During his spare time, he

                    enjoys hiking, archery, fencing, and classical music. He is very excited to join the Calgary Emergency

                    Medicine program. His main areas of interest within Emergency Medicine include Toxicology and Point

                    of Care Ultrasound. He is also an avid consumer of Emergency Medicine podcasts and hopes to

                    contribute to the FOAMed community in the future.


                      Dave Mainprize


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                      Dave is a down to earth sports fanatic who lives for each moment he can spike a volleyball, slap a puck, climb a rock, kayak a lake or run a mountain trail. He also enjoys cooking, baking pies, Bernard Cornwell books and a fine glass of wine on a summer afternoon. Being in Calgary in the Emergency Medicine program he is literally “livin’ the dream”!


                        Nick Packer



                          Ken Chan


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                          Ken joins the Calgary EM team after completing medical school at UBC.  Since high school, he has aspired to be a cast member of the popular show “ER" and is now fulfilling his destiny in the FRCPC program.  His interests include point of care ultrasound and critical care.  Outside of the hospital, you will find him playing volleyball, coaching volleyball, and refereeing volleyball!  His idea of fun relaxing activities include spending time with his fiancé, hanging out with friends, enjoying whiskey, watching movies, building Lego models, and kicking butt on his PS3.

                            FRCPC Program – R3

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                            Kelsey Ragan

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                            Kelsey grew up in Kamloops, BC, where she was raised on a steady rotation of downhill skiing, mountain biking and Garth Brooks sing-alongs. Before completing medical school at U of T, she completed her BSc in Neuroscience at UBC, as well as an MPH in Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health in Toronto. Beyond emergency medicine, her academic interests are in harm reduction, addiction medicine and toxicology. In her free time Kelsey can be found skiing, hiking, being unnecessarily competitive on recreational sports teams, baking with the intention of sharing and conducting scholarly research on the meaning of 90’s rap lyrics. She is beyond excited to be moving back West and to be joining the amazing Calgary EM family!

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                              Katie Anker

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                              Fresh off the QE 2 Highway, Katie is happy to migrate south from Edmonton to join the Calgary EM family. She grew up playing sports, taking photos and briefly running a candy store out of her high school janitorial closet. After realizing her love for running and turning left, Katie competed on the Dino’s Cross Country and Track and Field team while completing her BSc in Cellular Biology (2012). Her current academic interests include resuscitation and vulnerable populations. In her free time she loves to run (much slower than she used to), bike, partake in any mountain activity and play board games with unnecessary intensity and borderline poor-sportsmanship. She is also in the process of learning Spanish, so please habla espanPhool if you see her.

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                                Ryan Allen

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                                When not working or studying, Ryan can typically be found outdoors on an inclined plane of varying degrees or in his garage tinkering. Though a native Calgarian, Ryan completed his Mechanical Engineering undergrad in Victoria (2008) and Medical undergrad in Edmonton (2016). A serial hobbyist, Ryan obtained his private pilots license in 2013. Thrilled to be stationed back home, he plans to pursue a career in EM directed towards STARS, pre-hospital care and backcountry medicine

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                                  Ryan Wilkie

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                                  Born and raised in Calgary, Ryan graduated with a Bachelor's of Science and completed two years towards his Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Calgary. He was introduced to Emergency Medicine through working as a nursing aide in the Foothills ED. Volunteering at the ACH and at ultrasound courses have developed his EM interests in pediatrics and ultrasonography. Outside of medicine, he loves hanging out with friends whether it's playing sports, rafting the Bow River, or simply binge-watching Netflix. Ryan's new favourite activity is playing hockey. His enthusiasm on the ice is often overshadowed by his lack of skill.

                                    FRCPC Program – R2

                                    Miles Hunter Casual

                                    Miles Hunter

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                                    Born at the Foothills hospital and raised about 15 minutes away from it, Miles couldn't be more excited to stay in his home city to join the Calgary EM family. Miles did his undergraduate degree in Biomechanics at the UofC while playing baseball for the Dinos before starting medical school in, you guessed it, Calgary. Outside of the hospital, Miles can be found playing baseball, hockey, skiing, golfing or just smiling and thinking about sports in general. Early EM interests for Miles include sports and pre-hospital medicine. Go Jays!


                                      Tyson Savage

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                                      After completing medical school in Ontario at Queen's University, Tyson is
                                      beyond delighted to be back in his hometown as part of the Calgary EM family.
                                      His academic interests include medical education, public health, and health
                                      advocacy. Prior to starting medical school, Tyson worked as a civil engineer for
                                      the Alberta Government, working largely on the Stoney Trail Ring Road project in
                                      Calgary. When not in the emergency department, Tyson can be found attempting
                                      improvisational acting, with unconventional dance moves and surprisingly
                                      inaccurate accents. He may also be spotted escaping to the mountains on a day
                                      off, where he will likely write poetry about escaping to the mountains on his day

                                        Brett casual copy

                                        Brett Shaw

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                                        Bio: Hailing from the west coast of BC, Brett did his BSc and MSc at Simon Fraser University before coming to Calgary for medical school. Outside of the hospital, Brett likes to spend his time exploring the Rocky Mountains, preferably “sending" on a new rock or ice climbing route. Academic interests include research, wilderness medicine, and prehospital care. Brett is thrilled to be joining the Calgary EM team!


                                          Omar Damji

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                                          Move over Gordon Ramsey, there's a new resident chef in town. Omar, a native Calgarian and sports fanatic, completed his undergraduate degree in health sciences along with his masters in neuroscience in Calgary. Most recently, he graduated from medical school in Calgary. It was during his time in medical school that Omar attained perhaps his greatest accomplisment; being crowned champion of his fantasy football league. After a solid day of hiking and tennis he likes nothing better than to open the ‘ol fridge and whip up a dish while hanging out with friends and family. We're not quite at Michelin quality, but there have been some down right savoury meals. Hungry? Why wait.

                                            FRCPC Program – R1


                                            Meaghan MacKenzie

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                                            I grew up in Edmonton (forever #loyaltotheoil) where I completed my BSc in Kinesiology, but moved to Calgary for med school and was lucky enough to be able to stay! Despite my towering 5 ft 1 inches, I grew up playing a lot of basketball and volleyball, and am always game for an arcade basketball competition. Currently I (attempt to) run triathlons, as well as snowboard and play recreational volleyball in my spare time. My goal before finishing residency is to scuba dive in almost every ocean. Looking forward to working with you!


                                              Zoe Polsky

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                                              Regardless of temperature or season, you’ll find Zoe dressed head to toe in black, and more recently head to toe in blue. After completing her undergraduate degree at McGill, and consuming a lifetime supply of Montreal bagels, Zoe moved back to her home and native land of Calgary, Alberta. Graduating from medical school at the University of Calgary, Zoe could not feel luckier to be joining the Calgary EM family! Within medicine, she has a strong interest in harm reduction and addictions medicine, and outside of medicine she is an avid hiker, road biker, and die-hard CBC radio fan.


                                                Dana Stewart

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                                                Hi! I’m a born and raised Calgarian who is beyond excited to be a new member of the EM program in my hometown! I completed medical school in Calgary after finishing my Life Sciences degree at Queen’s University. In my free time you can find me trying to relive my glory days playing intramural basketball, going to spin classes, embarrassing myself at the driving range, or simply binge-watching Netflix with friends. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!


                                                  Sean Crooks

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                                                  Sean was born and raised in the metropolis of Thunder Bay, Ont, a town where you could film a ‘feel good’ Tim Horton’s hockey commercial on any block. Somehow, he missed the memo and managed to avoid hockey altogether. He opted for the crunchy granola sport of cross-country skiing. After high school, Sean was fortunate to be named to the Canadian National/Olympic Cross Country Ski Team based in Canmore, Ab. He spent nearly a decade training and racing in unique places around the globe. In 2010, he retired from sport and began his undergraduate studies in Kinesiology, then medical school at the University of Calgary. Since then, Calgary has been home. His partner is a nurse and they are in an exciting phase of life with 2 young children that keep them on their toes. Most free time is spent looking for adventures with the kids through hiking, cycling and skiing. Sean’s three vices include coffee, road cycling and well-curated indie rock playlists. He is thrilled to be part of the Calgary EM program and meet everyone in the department!

                                                    CCFP-EM Program

                                                    Version 2

                                                    Verlyn Leopatra

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                                                    I'm a Calgarian for life-- was born and raised here and completed my medical training here as well. My second home is in the mountains; I love hiking, snowboarding, and backcountry camping. My other pastimes include travelling and adventuring (for food), board games (with food), and cooking (more food). I try to balance out all that food with lots of biking, climbing and yoga. Academically I'm interested in the social determinants of health, as well as the relationship between patient focused technologies and our health care system.

                                                      Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.50.21 PM

                                                      Bretton Hari

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                                                      I grew up near High River, AB on a grain farm; then relocated to Edmonton for 8 years of post-secondary (BSc and medical school). I was indoctrinated as an Oilers fan, and I learned to survive winters without chinooks. I moved to Kingston, ON to complete my family medicine residency at Queens and really enjoyed being lakeside. I'm incredibly excited to move home to Calgary among friends, family, and the mountains; and to join the medical community here!
                                                      Things I like: biking, boarding, beer, board games, belaying, beard brushes, banjos, and bargains
                                                      Things I don't like: olives

                                                        Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.51.39 PM

                                                        Daniel Gold

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                                                        Our family is from Edmonton originally. We are super excited to move to Calgary. I'm a dad of two great kids named Nate and Ellie. I tell way too many dad jokes and puns. When I get free time, I love to jam (play bass and drums,) build and fix things, ride bikes, snowboard and go on waterslides/swimming. I'm always down for an adventure, or for grabbing a cup of coffee when a friend needs to talk!


                                                          Alan Wilde

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                                                          I grew up on a small farm near Lethbridge, playing sports year round (because there weren't enough kids to have cuts). I lived in Slovenia after high school before coming back to Alberta and start to become a framer. A broken neck made me rethink going back to university. I have moved with every step from undergrad in Lethbridge, to Saskatoon for med school, Edmonton for FM residency and finally to Calgary. I worked for 1 year as a rural family doctor in Wetaskiwin, where I did buy a vehicle because "cars cost less in Wetaskiwin!" Otherwise, mountains are my happy place and I try to get the wife and 4 kids out hiking and camping as often as time allows.

                                                            Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.52.31 PM

                                                            Joline Bohne

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                                                            Hey I'm Joline. Originally from BC and moved to Calgary in 2017. I finished my CCFP in 2014 and have been working rural ED and Urgent care since then and now back for another year of learning! I'm quite passionate about the outdoors and like to spend most of my free time mountain biking, back packing or camping!

                                                              Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.52.38 PM

                                                              Josh Melegrito

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                                                              Josh was born and raised in Prince Rupert, BC, where his local claim to fame was being a back-to-back Jelly Bean jar guessing contest champion in elementary school. He obtained his BSc and MD from UBC in Vancouver and completed Family Medicine residency in Chilliwack, BC, where the hour drive from the coast was the farthest he's ever lived from the Pacific. Until now. He's excited to trade in his gumboots for cowboy boots in what's sure to be an exciting year of CCFP-EM training in Calgary! When not wearing his resident ID badge he's a willing workout partner that can be convinced to try out just about anything physically active, who enjoys playing team sports even more than he enjoys watching them. Otherwise, expect to catch him attempting to find the Hart Dungeon or hunting down the best expensive coffee, cheap food, and hoppy beverages that the city has to offer.

                                                                Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.52.45 PM

                                                                Hart Stadnick

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                                                                I grew up in Fort Saskatchewan, just outside of Edmonton, and have spent the vast majority of my life in Alberta. I completed medical school at UofT and FM residency in the Rural Alberta South program. Outside of medicine, I'm an avid flyfisherman and have taken up alpine skiing in the winters in the last five years. When not working, you'll find me in the foothills and mountains chasing trout or fresh snow. I'm extremely happy to be coming to UofC next year for EM training and really look forward to meeting all my future colleagues!


                                                                  Geordon Avery-Cooper

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                                                                  Geordon grew up in Barrie Ontario, and went to medical school at U of T. Frustrated with the traffic and the lack of trout streams, he moved west to Terrace BC to complete his family medicine training while chasing steelhead and backcountry adventures. In his spare time he enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, working on his milk bag body, or hanging with his dog Henry (and his short term roommate of 9 years, Becky). He is very excited to be joining the EM family in Calgary and can’t wait to get started!