Welcome to Calgary! We have five training sites here, with our primary sites being our trauma centre (Foothills Hospital – FMC) and the community hospital Peter Lougheed (PLC).

You can expect to be contacted by our Medical Student Liaison when you come, and of course interested students are encouraged to contact them as well here

You can expect an orientation to our department on your first shift at each site. Our staff enjoy and are familiar with having visiting and elective students.

As for reference letters, just remember that ER staff are used to providing letters to students they have only worked with a couple times. If you have questions about this process and want some advice, contact the Liaison.

Don’t forget that we also went through the stress of CaRMS!

Elective students can expect mostly 1:1 shifts with the staff, though sometimes a senior ER resident will be paired up as part of our teaching shifts (and also to meet you!) Plan to dive deep into the action: our departments are not clogged with senior residents stealing your procedures. There’s really no such thing as seniority in Calgary – there’s plenty of procedures to go around. Frankly, our laryngoscope arms could use a break!



While you’re here, please come to our academic full day.

Check the schedules page for more info -Grand Rounds start at 9AM at FMC every Thursday. Journal Club runs monthly with dinner and drinks provided. RSVP to Madhavi. Please come out and meet us – we want to meet you!

As well, our Liaison has the time and definitely wants to meet you one on one to talk about CaRMS, residency, training programs, and life. Whatever! It can be hard to find information out there, so why not enjoy a club soda or coffee on us. We’ll be in touch – don’t be nervous to take us up on it.

Questions? Concerns? Get in touch!

If you have any questions you want to ask about the elective, fill out our contact form and we will be happy to answer!

Questions? Contact us!